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Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook has evolved into an internet phenomenon and today boosts over 500 million users worldwide and continues to grow rapidly. Without question Facebook are responsible for pioneering the latest craze of “social networking” and changing the ways in which friends interact with each and businesses market themselves.

Facebook applications, otherwise referred to as "Facebook Apps" are the software applications accessed from within the Facebook website and therefore benefit from instant exposure to potentially all Facebook’s users.

Facebook applications can therefore promote your London city business, build strong relationships with your clients, friends and business partners.

Our London city Facebook application developers have many choices as to how they integrate their Facebook apps into the Facebook platform. There are two main categories of London city Facebook applications:

1. Platform applications
2. Facebook Connect applications

Both types of application can use Facebook markup and scripting languages, as well as a REST client to access the Facebook API. Facebook Connect applications communicate through cross domain communication channels.

Internet Concepts London city offer a full range of Facebook application strategies, including all elements of design and development to enable your London city business to marketed to the masses via social networking channels. Successful London city Facebook applications require more than just a nice design and some clever technologies.

Facebook suggests applications are created around four guiding principles:

  • Social: This helps users interact and communicate more effectively by using information from the social graph.
  • Useful: This delivers value to users by addressing real world needs, from entertainment to practical tasks
  • Expressive: This enables users to share more about who they are and about the world around them.
  • Engaging: This provides a deep experience that users want to come back to regularly.

In summary, Facebook applications can give your London city business an enormous online exposure, the impact of which can not be ignored. Not only do the Facebook apps have exposure to an instant audience of enormous size and diversity, but once installed on a users Facebook account, they can also lots of useful information back to the company in terms of their typical user profile etc.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Internet Concepts London city can help your business with London city Facebook applications, Facebook apps or Facebook application developments, please call us free on 0800 279 5462, or Click here to send an enquiry.

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